Teachers and Teacher Aides Needed

At Family Camp, we make sure all our kids have a classes that help them grow in Christ and connect with each other in safe and fun. Our teachers and teacher aides are the ones that make that happen. We need teachers for a wide range of age levels. If you would like to help, please contact our teacher coordinator, Maureen Mueller, at mmueller1283@gmail.com. She will forward you a Prospective Teacher questionnaire.

Teacher Qualifications

Teachers must be responsible adults and members in good standing in the O.P.C. or a reformed church approved by the board. They are to supply their own materials of which the content must be approved by the dean or the teacher coordinator. Teachers will be assisted with an expense account for supplies, in the form of camp credit towards accommodation, meals, and registration costs.

Notes on Nursery

  1. Nursery services are provided for children up to two years old.
  2. The nursery is open Tuesday – Friday, from 9:30 am until 11:45 am. There are bathrooms nearby, an air-conditioned room, mature helpers, variety of activities, toys, play pens, refreshments, name tags for infants bags and bottles, short lessons and music (singing).
  3. Parents must bring at least one diaper and bottle (two would be better) for each child. Parents should also refrain from coming in the nursery during their break time. Please bring snacks for each of the 4 days. Water and cups will be provided.
  4. Expenses: You will be reimbursed for your supplies and snacks, up to two camp registration fees. Please help keep camp costs to a minimum, borrow and photocopy materials.
  5. Compensation shall be in the form of credit up to a maximum of one individual Lodge accommodation plus registration fee and a MP3 of the speaker’s talks.
  6. Child protection agreement must be read and signed.

If you accept and agree with these requirements and compensation, we will have entered into a contractual agreement in the Lord.